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The Rifle Captain is

Mike Mitchell

Several air rifle disciplines are catered for  

  • Bench rest
  • Match Rifle target shooting
  • Plinking
  • HFT
A number of postal and national competitions are run throughout the year over 6m/10m/20m for Air Rifle & LSR in all three postitions.

Hunter Field Target

Pictured below are a selection HFT style targets, which were set out on the GA's outdoor range for an open day held at Glevum. Where visitors and members alike could experience HFT competition style shooting.

We have a growing number of members taking up HFT and although the club does not have it's own permanent HFT facility there are a number of good HFT centres locally. If you need information on any of these please e-mail the HFT captain.

A limited HFT style course is regularly set out on the GA's outdoor range by our HFT shooting members, to practice for competitions. Any visitor or member is welcome to join us, we are always ready to answer questions or give advice. Please contact us if you would like to know more.

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Match Air Rifles

For information on Match Air Rifle contact the Rifle Captain.


If plinking is your thing, then you are as welcome as the most avid competitor.

Loan Equipment

The club has several air rifles for loan to members and visitors alike, both pre-charge and springers suitable for adults and juniors are available.

Air is available at a cost of 50p per fill. Please ensure you have a Quick Connect fitting.

We also stock a selection of pellets and targets at reasonable prices.

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