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The Rifle Captain is

Mike Mitchell

Rimfire Rifle (Light Sport Rifle) is held on a Friday Evening.

We have a relaxed atmosphere with an emphasis on safety, the firing being controlled by a range officer.

Several different competitions are run including LSR (Light Sporting Rifle) and Bench Rest or you can just shoot for fun.

To shoot live ammunition on Friday Night you need to meet the following criteria.

To have been a member for 3 months during which time a police check has been carried out, or hold your own Fire Arms Certificate.

ALL New FAC probationary shooters, please contact the Membership Secretary, Dave Lerner, prior to commencing your FAC sessions, so that we may allocate a mentor(s) and schedule an FAC induction for you.

The club has a selection of .22 Rimfire rifles for members to use and a supply of ammunition for purchase.

We also are lucky to have the use of the Gloucester Association outdoor 50m range.

The Range is certificated for use with up to .44 pistol calibre rounds and we have one or two members who use centrefire rifles.

If you enjoy shooting, come along and have a look at what we can offer you for details please contact the Rifle Captain.

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If you are shooting centerfire rifles, you must chronograph your ammunition and record it in the log.

All ammunition MUST fall within the range energy limits . If you change your load or powder, you should again run it through the chronograph.

This will exclude of course, most factory loaded .38/.357 and .44 ammunition. It should be assumed that it is not permissible for this ammo to be used in the range. "Cowboy" loads can be an exception to this rule but the onus is on the person using it to ensure that their ammo is compliant.

Please ensure your compliance with these instructions.

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